"Tea doesn't ask silly questions, tea understands"

Story of Tea

We would like to tell you “The Story of Tea”, a Belgian Specialty Tea brand where each tea has been selected with passion and expertise by our Tea sommelier and expert Jessica Van Humbeeck. Discover our special range of green tea, black tea, white tea, rare yellow tea, oolong, puer, rooibos and matcha. All imported straight from the tea plants from India, Japan, China and South Africa. Spoil your taste buds with our herbal and fruit infusions, created and selected by Jessica or enjoy a traditional or vegan afternoon tea at one of our tea salons.

The Story of Tea is so much more than a tea brand or a chain of specialty tea stores. Our concept is built on full-sense tea experience, through our concept stores, our online shop as well as our workshops, tastings and tea ceremonies.

We offer consultancy and personalized advice for tea room owners and potential resellers. Looking for a personalized tea offer for your business? Let us write your Story of Tea!

There is a tea for every Story, and a story about every Tea

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