Traditional British Afternoon Tea

You can enjoy afternoon tea or cream tea at our all our tea salons, just make sure to make reservations. What’s the difference between an afternoon tea and a cream tea?

A Cream Tea is a meal that consists of 2 scones, clotted cream and corresponding jam, accompanied with a good cup of tea of your choice. Price: 13,75 EUR/person

An Afternoon Tea is the full experience, all-inclusive, with scones, sweets and savouries (think finger sandwiches), presented with tea, of course. The authentic experience like in the best places in London. What to expect per person? 2 scones, clotted cream, 2 types of jam, 3 sweets and 3 savouries. Prepared with love and served with proper etiquette. Price: 31 EUR. Would you like a Royal Afternoon tea (i.e. A glass of bubbles to start with) you pay 36 EUR. We do offer a vegan alternative if mentioned while making your reservation.


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